Fabrication Welding

Fabrication welding is a complete cycle in which a component or structure goes through. It involves planning, manufacturing, and installation. In the creation process, welding is just one phase which involves connecting objects.

The difference between fabrication and welding is that fabrication is the entire metal fabrication process, while welding is an aspect of the manufacturing process. Unlike regular welding, fabrication welding is more than just bringing together two pieces of metal. It involves much more.

For example, when a metal object is wide in size, it must be carved accurately to a precise size and form. When you require twisting a specific sheet in a particular way, it does not need a welder but a machine for bending.

DFW Fabrication Shop is an accomplished practitioner of fabrication welding and the process of designing metal structures. We achieve this through a number of methods, including welding, cutting, assembly, slicing, and binding. During the production process, ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, steel, etc. are used.

TIG Welding & Fabrication

ISO9001 & AS9100 Certified

AWS D1.1, D1.2 & D1.2m23 Certified

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OSHA 10 Certified

26+ Years Experience

DFW Fabrication Shop is a welding shop with over 26 years experience in TIG Welding providing service to commercial customers as well as the general public throughout the DFW Metroplex. We can weld or fabricate a variety of different materials including stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, cast iron and even titanium